This is one of the most popular androgen prohormones currently available. 

The product is different than the pro-hormones designed to simulate bodybuilding steroids. 


The androgen does a lot more than mimic these effects because after consumption it is converted into Trenbolone aka Tren 

Despite the conversion into Trenbolone after consumption, the same conjugated double bonds are formed. 

The difference is in the chemical structure. The product contains a 17-ketone function as opposed to 17b-hydroxy. 

When the product is consumed, the 17-ketone is hydrolyzed into the active form of Trenbolone.

For this reason, the product is considered extremely powerful. 


Trenavar is more powerful than testosterone. Users receive an incredibly fast delivery for increases in:

  • Strength
  • Muscle gain
  • Size
  • Vascularity
  • Mind muscle connection 
  • accelerated fat loss
  • Stronger workouts
  • Improved muscle growth
  • Faster healing
  • Access to additional power
  • Improved Libido 
  • This androgen provides the user with numerous benefits and significant results.
  • The compound has a good report with the androgen receptor, is orally bioavailable and works well as a glucocorticoid receptor antagonist. 
  • There is a lot of power in this product. 


Yeah buddy!!

The product is effective because it enables higher nitrogen levels to be retained by the muscle tissue. 

Ensuring muscles stay in an anabolic state is important because vigorous exercise and workouts will deplete the stores of nitrogen. 

when the muscles have more nitrogen, access to protein improves. The result is faster fat loss and growth in muscle gains.

The production of red blood cells is boosted by the product. This enables more oxygen to penetrate the muscles to help ensure more power and strength while working out. 

The extra oxygen enables muscle repair when recovering during downtime. The backing of Trenavar is good in relation to user reports and numerous studies. 

One of the most efficient prohormones for anyone interested in maintaining muscle while losing fat is Trenevar. This makes the product ideal for cutting. 

The product is effective for losing fat before a contest or simply obtaining a ripped and lean physique. 

This is possible because Trenavar helps increase the metabolism while raising the temperature of the core. 

This means that even when in a rested state, fat is being burned.



  • beginners 10-20mg per day 
  • experienced  20-30mg per day 
  • If Trenavar is used by itself. 
  • dosage can be increased to between 
  • 50mg-60mg per day 


Adverse side effects can be effectively minimized by splitting the dose in two

The higher dosages are only recommended for individuals experienced with using prohormones. 

It is important to understand by increasing to a higher dosage of the product, the risk of severe side effects will increase

Since this is a prohormone as opposed to a steroid, it is available legally in several different countries such as the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

Trenavar  17-dione and Estra-4

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