or RAD-140 Ester)

Benefits of RAD 150

Rad 150 offers a wide variety of benefits, rapid strength and muscle gain to say the least; due to its high absorption rate, stability, and half-life of 48 hours. At the same time, it has little to no side effects, especially when taken as recommended.



  • 10-20mg per day
  •  (Split dose) 
  • (E.g  5mg morning/afternoon) 10mg Daily 


The following are the many benefits that RAD 150 aKa TLB -150 offers, 
to improve your performance as well as your physique.


  • It does not increase aggression.
  • It does not cause baldness.
  • It increases sexual performance and libido.
  • It does not affect lipid metabolism.
  • It promotes the growth of the muscles.
  • It has no androgenic effects.
  • Rad 150 provides rapid muscle regeneration.
  • It is excellent for bulking or cutting cycles.
  • It has rapid muscle recovery.
  • It is a safer alternative to AAS
  • It provides faster results.
  • Rad 150 has no harmful effects on the liver.
  • It has an extended half life.
  • It has no side effects, when taken correctly.
  • It is very stable and has a high absorption rate.


As the scientific community adjusts to moving forward without LGD-4033, synthetic chemists are increasingly reevaluating how to push the boundaries of SARM development to maximize potency ‘LGD 2226’ 😏 bio distribution, half-life, and tissue selectivity, while still minimizing off-target/adverse effects. 


The most cutting-edge  SARMs undergoing development are those which are rationally designed using the cumulative pharmacological insights from over 30 years of androgen research, rather than discovered via screening or dumb luck, which was typical of SARM development early on.

Sarms are not sold for Human consumption

RAD-150 (aka TLB-150

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